"Current" was a promotional free download for owners of 'deconstructed' and 'iterations'.

|˟˟| ('gate') was founded in 2009 as an experiment in 'free music’ in between free jazz, noise, and drone. Initially it was a solo project, making use of a variety of instruments and electronics that were designed and built especially for the project, but later it became a duo with the addition of a wind instrument player, strengthening the project's jazz element. In addition to a number of CDs and CDRs with extracts of free improvisation sessions, ‘no exit’, ‘discomfort’, ‘kaminaritaki’ (2009, all three solo), and ‘iterations’ (2010, as a duo), |˟˟| released a ‘remix’ CD, ‘deconstructed’ (2011) with de- and re-constructed and digitally manipulated recordings from the same period as ‘iterations’. ‘Current’, this (virtual) CDR, contains some outtakes and oddities from the same period, and an older bonus.
The two tracks marked R are remixes like those on ‘deconstructed’, but did not fit on that album. The other tracks with numbers (and occasionally some letters) as ‘titles’ are more or less normal session recordings from the duo era (first half of 2010). These were among the initial pre-selection for ‘iterations’, but were discarded in the final selection. 76 might be one of the most ‘relaxed’ and ‘jazzy’ sessions we ever did, and also for that reason did not really fit with the other tracks on ‘iterations’. 79 and 63x are a bit more ‘typical’. 81U is part of the one and only acoustic and outdoors session (on top of a hill in a park) we did. Noise, in this case, was provided by cicadas, wind, and occasional motor vehicles. The first track of ‘deonstructed’ is a remix of 81U.
The last track is something different. When |˟˟| became a duo, Lajos continued his solo improvisations under another name. This was the (now discontinued) project ∀x,t[(x∈U)t→∃t'[t'>t∧∼(x∈U)t']] (for all x t ...), which focused more on ambient and drone, and less on jazz than |˟˟|. The track ‘Anityata’ was the first recording by that project.


released April 20, 2011



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|˟˟| gate 東京都, Japan

|˟˟| (pronounced 'gate') is an experimental improvisation project . The project's music moves between noise, free jazz, drone, world music, industrial, and various other genres and influences.

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